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A NEW YEAR and so much to LOOK FORWARD to...

New Adventures, New Chapters, New Friendships....  A New Year is always a good time to reflect on where your life has taken you and where you are going.  Set new goals, have a few New Years resolutions (after all its always fun to see how long they last) and take some time to put your life into perspective, what makes us happy and what we would like to change.  

Here's a few of our goals for 2017 

* Choose to be happy

* Stay Focused

* Challenge ourselves and occasionally do something out of our comfort zone

* Choose Healthy Foods, Activities and People

* Spend time nurturing friendships new and old

* Be the voice of someone who has no voice

and on the 31st December, look back on the year that was 2017 and know that we lived it HONESTLY, TRUELY and with INTEGRITY.  

HAPPY NEW YEAR from SnowAngel HQ xox




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